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Natural Health & Lifestyle was born in 2018. It came as an idea first, but it took some time before it was ready to be put into the world as a concept. It felt, “The world needed to be ready to receive the profound purpose of connecting deeply with nature”.

We also wanted people to know how it would really feel to be able to share whatever comes to one’s mind. In the awareness of being fully accepted by the one/ones you share it with.

As human beings we are used to doing things in a certain way. We were taught how to live our lives by our parents, teachers, siblings, friends and the children we grew up with. We adapted to this, to become a member of the society. Many of us chose not to stand out, but to fit into the perception of what was perceived as being a good human being. This has become such a habit for us, that we are no longer even able to remember our own true nature.

“The whole difference lies in when you can be safe to share anything, without feeling that you must defend yourself, because the other person has an opinion about it or thinks something of it.”

That’s where real freedom begins.

“True silence is the rest of the mind, and is to the spirit what sleep is to the body, nourishment and refreshment.”

William Penn

Core Activities

The core activities of Natural Health and Lifestyle are.

Restore the connection with the body.

On the one hand we do this by working with the physical body using massage, specially blended oils, meditation, breathing exercises, grounding exercises, movement and nutrition.

On the other hand, we work with the energetic body to restore the energy. Most of the time this is done by removing blockages.

We work on 4 layers








spiritually energetic

Are you someone who wants to live from connection with nature and from your true nature and make it your lifestyle?

Are you someone who knows and wants to, but doesn’t know how?

How to connect, connect with your own nature.

How to live a life from connection with your own nature and with nature, as in Mother Earth?


Do you have a health question? Do you have a complaint such as severe fatigue, sleeping problems, busyness in the head, problems with concentration and remembering, burnout complaints?

Or do you have a life question?

Why am I here on Earth?

What is my life purpose?


You find yourself searching and can’t find it in the jobs you have.

Is the job the right job for me?

And who am I and how do I live in connection with my own nature? So that I can be completely one with my own talents.

Connection with yourself, understanding yourself and knowing yourself. No longer needing the understanding of others.

Because you understand yourself.


When you are living in connection with your own nature. Health is the result, not the goal.

Natural Health and Lifestyle gives you the tools you need.

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